May 13, 2021
Why Do Patients Prefer A Woman Dentist?

Why Do Patients Prefer A Woman Dentist?

Women continue to create breakthroughs throughout the last century of technological and medical advancements. Although there are still challenges in choosing their careers, women have time and time again proved how efficient they are in any skill. Not to mention, but the medical industry was previously dominated by men. Most women have found their niche in the dental industry as their natural skills in this practice shows. For this reason, a lot of patients nowadays prefer women dentists due to their personal reasons. If you are curious about clinics with women dentists, you can check more at


Women Have Gentler Touch

Honestly, some patients really make this reason their priority for choosing female dentists instead of men. Woman dentists are able to control the pressure coming from their hands when pressing a patient’s cheek or chin. This can help patients with anxiety or fear at the dentist calm down or feel that they are not forced to remain in a stationary position.

Empathize With Their Patients

Professional woman dentists are compassionate with their patients in terms of their financial or emotional concerns. Since women have a nurturing ability while in a conversation, patients feel secure and relaxed in telling their concerns. The satisfaction after a dental cleaning or tooth extraction is imminent since women are able to listen to their patients clearly.

Open To Both Tradition and Innovation

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Studies say that woman dentists are more inclined to innovation but in reality, they are much concerned with traditional and preventive methods. Women tend to become more careful in treating the problem first by discussing the preventive and restorative processes. This method differs from male doctors where they proceed to do major procedures in treatment. On the other hand, they are not closing their doors for better treatments in dental care and oral procedures. Women are consistent with signing up for workshops and seminars to keep updated with the innovations of dental technology.

Mentorship Among Colleagues

Women do not shy away from interacting with their colleagues especially when it comes to mentorship. Female dentists are eager to share their wisdom not just to women but to men as well. This proves that women are concerned with the success of dental technology as they help young professionals grow in the dental field. Their responsibility in influencing the right procedures and methods in taking care of their patients is seen throughout the success of their own careers and the clinics that they reside in.

Dentists For Progress

It is not a secret that women have been able to take another further step in their victories for dental career growth and self-development. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), women in the dental industry of the US has grown 61 per 100,000 populations (States may vary in data). There’s even a projection of women doing slightly better in the following years in terms of successful treatments or even dental surgeries. Even if the factors mentioned above contribute to women’s success, both men and women have their own pros and cons in their own dental techniques and methods. It is best to still choose the best dentist by doing your own research and planning out your dental care routine.

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