March 6, 2021
Can A Wisdom Tooth Hole Affect Your Whole Body? (Know The Symptoms)

Can A Wisdom Tooth Hole Affect Your Whole Body? (Know The Symptoms)

Our mouth contains a hub of activity. From eating, drinking, and speaking to bacteria growth, it gets busy all the time. That said, the maintenance of our dental hygiene is a must. If you feel that your cheek or gums are throbbing uncontrollably, you may want to check those teeth in front of a mirror. Don’t pass out on this dental problem. Surgery is usually the only recommendation of a dentist or surgeon for continuous tooth pain. You might have to undergo a tooth extraction as soon as possible. You can know more about the surgery at For a better perspective, let’s take a look at how a wisdom tooth hole can damage your health without you knowing it.

Symptoms of A Worsening Wisdom Tooth Hole

What goes wrong with a wisdom tooth hole? Simple, cavity and plaque from bacteria infecting it. Wisdom tooth itself is already painful since its growth doesn’t fit crooked spaces easily. Although that is a common situation for most people, many times, your wisdom teeth can harbor germs that result in infection. So, when is it alarming, and how can you differentiate the problem from others? Here are the symptoms of a worsening wisdom tooth problem

Recurring Pain Even After Regular Dental Hygiene

Are you noticing severe tooth pain or gum sensitivity even if you brush daily? You may want to have a more in-depth check with your dentist. Some problems come from the root pulp of the tooth itself. Situations such as this call for you to extract your wisdom tooth hole as it may be the source of the pain. Your nerves can react negatively from the impact of the hole as well. 

Bleeding Unexpectedly

If your wisdom tooth hole is large enough, you may be experiencing bleeding problems as well. Even after the extraction, a dry socket can also cause severe bleedings too. Any recurring bleeding before after a wisdom tooth extraction needs consultation from a dental care professional. 

Difficulty Opening The Mouth And Swallowing

You might not be aware of it, but your wisdom tooth hole can cause problems on your jaw too. In even worse cases, TMJ disorder or temporomandibular joint is a rare jaw problem that causes the jaws and teeth misaligning. Hence, you may have to visit your dentist earlier if you feel your jaw’s movement changing. 

Sore Lymph Nodes

You may experience severe swelling due to your wisdom tooth as well. Your lymph nodes right under your jaw may have symptoms of Can A Wisdom Tooth Hole Affect Your Whole BodyPericoronitis. This condition usually happens to adults ages 20 until 40 years old. The sore lymph nodes will indicate that gum flaps due to tooth eruption is affecting you. You may want to have your doctor check you as this is already a severe dental emergency

Severe Cases May Affect Your Entire Health System

If you were able to save yourself from the continuous symptoms, as shown above, you could expect speedy healing. However, we can’t deny that some patient’s recovery time or process are different from each other. Worst-case scenarios can still happen right after surgery. Alveolar Osteitis or Dry socket is one of the examples that can occur right after your wisdom tooth extraction. This health problem rarely happens, but its formation comes from a failure of the blood from clotting. Other cases such as nerve problems, heart attack, and immune system disorder may affect your health too. Don’t neglect your oral health. Consider having your dental checkup today, and you’ll avoid wasting more money in surgeries and other risky health concerns. 

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