March 6, 2021
A trip to a tooth doctor for kids

A trip to a tooth doctor for kids

What do you think is the best time for a child to see a dentist? Dr Matsuoka, a Rouse Hill dentist, owns a child-friendly clinic and advises that you and your little one should see a tooth doctor for kids as soon as his first tooth erupts or before age 1. However, so many parents neglect this idea and think that their child is too young to have cavities and need a dentist’s help. So, let us discover the importance of going to the dentist as early as possible and what happens during your first dental consultation.


The importance of seeing a tooth doctor for kids

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Start cleaning their teeth the right way. When you visit your kid dentist as soon as a tooth erupts, your dentist can show you how to brush and care for his baby teeth the proper way. Is there a wrong way even if you are brushing it every day? Unfortunately, yes. The strokes, the dental product, the timing, and the frequency are all important aspects in making sure that you are cleaning your child’s teeth properly. Your kid dentist can educate you with that, and more.

Discuss your kid’s diet. He is not an expert in nutrition, but your kid dentist certainly knows the foods that have the potential to damage or harm your child’s baby teeth. You can ask questions about your baby’s teeth, what to eat, and many other things related to their nourishment.

Get dentist-recommended oral products. You may have seen plenty of advertisements on dental products that claim they are the best, so you can really get confused. Getting recommendations on what toothpaste to use, for example, from a tooth doctor for kids can make your life easier and secure your child’s dental health.

Monitor early signs of tooth decay or cavities. Yes, kids cannot be exempted from having tooth decay. Though they are still young, their teeth can still be exposed to sugar from their milk and their baby foods, and we all know that sugar is bacteria’s favorite snack. Allowing them to see a dentist early in life can help prevent cavities since your dentist can already professionally clean and monitor their teeth.


How to prepare your kid for his dental check-up

Just like going to the doctor, kids can be very scared or anxious when they are on their way to a dental visit. Here are ways to calm their nerves and just enjoy seeing their dentist.

Visit the dentist early. If your kid sees a dentist when he is still a baby, he is not old enough to feel nervous. But if you bring your kid at around 2 or 3 years old to see his dentist, or if you just visit the dentist when something is hurting, he will surely feel anxious and fearful about his dental consultation.

Bring him with you. When you are going to your dental check-up, tag him along so he can see that there is nothing to worry about.

Pretend play. At home, you can play the role of a dentist and your kid is the patient or vice versa. This will let him think that seeing your dentist can be enjoyable.


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