May 10, 2021
Tooth colored fillings cost: Everything You Need to Know

Tooth colored fillings cost: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re considering to have tooth-colored fillings, then you’re also wondering how much they cost. Do they cost as much as amalgam, porcelain,  gold-cast or white tooth fillings? Or, are they cheaper or more expensive? Likewise, you want to know what determines their price and, more importantly, how to reduce it. For that reason, here’s all you need to know about the cost of tooth-colored fillings.

Cost of Tooth-Colored Fillings without Insurance

Tooth colored fillings cost about twice as much as amalgam fillings but roughly half as much porcelain or gold-cast fillings. Without insurance, they set you back $90-$250 per tooth and $150-450 for three teeth or more.

Cost of Tooth-Colored Fillings with Insurance

With insurance, the cost of the fillings varies, depending on your dental plan. But on average, most plans cover about 50-80 percent of the cost because insurers consider the tooth-colored material cosmetic. The only time they cover the full amount is when you’re replacing a cracked filling, regardless of its material.

What Determines the Overall Cost of Tooth-Colored Fillings? tooth colored fillings cost

As just mentioned, you pay $90-250 per tooth. What’s responsible for the difference in price? It’s the following factors:
• The extent of the procedure – deeper cavities need more filling material and, therefore, cost more
• The location of the tooth – hard-to-reach teeth complicate and lengthen the filling process. They also require extra equipment. So they attract a bigger bill
• The function of the tooth – molars chew down on food, so they need stronger more costly filling materials
• Your location – dental costs vary across the country
• The dentist – different dental practices charge different rates

Additional Costs

Besides paying for the filling, also expect to foot at least two more bills. The first is, of course, that of the dental exam, which costs anywhere from $20-100. The second is the cost of dental x-rays, which can be as much as $250. However, to offset these costs as well as that of the filling, consider having your procedure done at a dental school, where you get a discount.


Although tooth-colored fillings cost more than the more common amalgam fillings, they’re not as costly as their gold-cast or porcelain counterparts. What’s more, their cost can be further reduced by an insurance plan or a discount from a dental school. But when calculating the final cost, remember to factor in the price of dental exams and x-rays.

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