May 13, 2021
The Diastema Treatment

The Diastema Treatment

The vast majority of people do not have perfect teeth, so cosmetic dentistry is a lucrative field of dentistry. Fortunately, there is a variety of dental problems that can now be repaired or improve your appearance. A dental condition noticed in some people is the diastema and can be treated at DrDentistsParramatta clinic.

Diastema TreatmentDiastema is a medical term that describes a space or space between two teeth. All mammals can have diastema, but in humans, it is usually called space or space between the two front teeth (upper incisors). This condition develops when there is an unequal correlation between the size of the teeth and the jaw. The diastema often occurs in children when their baby teeth come out.

A common cause of diastema in adults is when there is an incorrect fit between the jaw and the maxilla, which is known as malocclusion. Another object of diastema is when a person has a frenulum with little lips. The labial frenum is located inside the upper lip and is a piece of tissue that holds the upper lip close to the teeth. If the mass is too short, a diastema can develop. If the teeth are too small or large about the jaw, which produces dental misalignments, a diastema can occur. If you have a sizeable labial frenulum, a periodontist can solve the problem with a minor surgical procedure, called labial frenectomy. In this medical procedure, the frenulum is cut and then replaced to allow greater flexibility.

For people diagnosed with Diastema, there are several treatments for them. People can receive orthodontic treatment to move the teeth and close the diastema. They can have porcelain veneers that stick to the outside of the teeth to close the gap. You can also get a crown or dental implants (tooth replacement). In the same way, a person can obtain keys to close the gap.

An economical option is the use of tooth effect bands, which are elastic bands. This method uses a group that resembles a rubber band. The tape wraps around the teeth that are on either side of the gap. When the group is used, the teeth finally come together, effectively sealing the space. There is also the joining method that consists of applying a plastic folder (white padding) adapted to the desired shape and position. A special light is used to the folder to harden it.

We all want our teeth for their sake; However, some people have conditions that make them feel insecure. Fortunately, the incredible advances in cosmetic surgery have allowed people to solve various dental problems. If you have a diastema, you can maintain the condition or undergo a repair process to complete the space. You will know how comfortable you feel when you look in the mirror and smile. If you are considering diastema treatment, you should contact your dentist to find out about your options and the cost of each repair method.

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