May 10, 2021
The best dental insurance for seniors

The best dental insurance for seniors

There are unique needs of dental care for seniors which may be different from others. Some common age-related dental issues are loss of teeth, gum diseases, root decay and many more. Several non-dental issues like arthritis may also affect your dental health. So to answer the question; “do you need dental insurance?” Absolutely. As a senior, it is important to have a good dental insurance coverage when you are getting old. You have to select the plan with care as several plans have a waiting time before coverage starts. Other plans may have no or little dental coverage. So, let us discuss some of the best dental insurance for seniors.

Delta Dental

The premium, plans, and coverage of this insurance package are state-specific. Become an AARP member and avail one of the two dental coverage plans available, PPO A and PPO B.

The first plan offers full coverage with a modest premium. The latter plan also covers most of the basic services and takes even a lower premium.


Humana dental coverage increases over time. It uses the loyalty rewards program and is a great choice for seniors looking for dental care. This is also a state-specific coverage with variable plans. You may also buy the vision insurance along with the dental plan. This will waive your second enrollment fee. best dental insurance for seniors


This has great dental insurance, which covers 100% of the dental preventive care. This includes X-rays, examinations, and cleaning. The problem is its unavailability in several states. It also offers 90% of the other basic services. So, if it’s available in your state, you may go for it.


This is a good option if you are enjoying sound dental health and only need basic care and prevention. It’s a cost-effective solution and has a dental rewards program as well.


A good thing about this insurance is that it has more than 200,000 service providers. So, you will find doctors in its plans with ease. The coverage wait time is longer, but it offers free dental cleaning and X-ray service twice a year.

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