May 13, 2021
The 3 Best Countries for Dental Tourism

The 3 Best Countries for Dental Tourism

For a lot of people, considering going to another country for dental work isn’t even a thought that comes to mind. However, for others, this is considered due to the price, coverage, or multiple levels of dental services and treatments without the need for dental or health insurance. People save 85% on average for the best dental treatments across countries! Not only do they save some decent money, but they also get a wide variety of options for dental treatments. But if you’re wondering if dental implants in Bali are cheaper, you might be surprised to know that there are other best countries for dental tourism which offers the same thing or even lower. Here are the 3 best countries for dental tourism.

1.) Thailand

Thailand is considered the best country for dental tourism due to the incredibly low prices and the impressive quality of service provided. Saving up to 66% on implants, dental crowns, and teeth cleanings, there’s no wonder people consider going to Thailand for these dental services. Then, when resting, patients can enjoy the rest of the trip on a beautiful beach or taking in the beauty of their sacred temples and palaces. best countries for dental tourism

2.) Hungary

With low costs, high-quality services and materials, and dentists with high expertise, Hungary is full of promising services at low prices! Hungary has very strict medical protocols and uses only the best of top-quality titanium implants, which are non-allergenic and compatible with bone. Much like Thailand, Hungary has some tourist attractions like their famous spas and bodies of water.

3.) Ukraine

Plenty of patients from North America and Europe prefer Ukrain due to their lower costs and amazing quality. With dental implantations being in high-demand and the prices being closer to 15% of the original prices in the US and Europe, Ukraine is the cheapest, yet still one of the best in quality countries for dental tourism! Aside from the dental service and treatments at low prices, Ukraine is rich in culture and provides some of the most gorgeous picturesque views!

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