May 10, 2021
Safety Measures to Avoid Teeth Knocked Out

Safety Measures to Avoid Teeth Knocked Out

Protecting your mouth, especially during participation in any sport, is an important responsibility. In that case, it can help you to prevent injuries and to get your teeth knocked out. Since it is expected to get hurt in any sport, having a protective gear like mouthguard will be one of the essential parts of your uniform. Let this article help you to know how a mouthguard can help prevent damages and avulsions.


What are Teeth Knocked out?

Teeth knocked out, also known as dental avulsion, can happen by a blow to the mouth, or an accident involving the face. These instances are common during contact sports. Contact sports is a kind of sports in which the participants require physical contact between players such as football, boxing, mixed martial arts, and so on.

Since many people, kids and adult, are being actively involved in sports, this is the perfect time for them to perform good dental care habits. Whether you are just starting to participate in a sports activity or planning to move to a mature level of contact activities, having a dental care habits and using a mouth guard will help you to avoid getting teeth knocked out.


Importance of Mouthguards in Sports

Mouthguards help avoid avulsions.

Using a mouthguard can help prevent avulsions from occurring. An avulsion happens when the whole tooth is taken out, root and all. Since sports, like hockey and football, are full contact, you must always have protection to your teeth from being knocked out. If they are taken out, do not the root and you look for dental assistance right away. You can wash with water and put it back in the hole, or in the middle of your gum and cheek to keep it safe for placing again later.


Mouthguards help avoid fractures.

girl in danger of injuring teeth with gym equipmentUsually, a tooth is at risk of getting broken or chipped when it comes to high contact sports. However, when you use a mouthguard appropriately, the teeth will be substantially more upheld and will not be exposed when heavy contact happens. Knocked-out teeth or chipped teeth can be costly and sometimes impossible to save, so use a mouth guard to protect them. Even when you go to the gym you should protect your teeth while exercising with gym equipment.


Mouthguards hold everything in place.

When getting hit in the mouth, it provides a cushion that protects you from lacerations. A mouth guard helps to keep your chin, tongue, teeth and gums safe and set up. It acts like a pad that protects you from cuts whenever get a hit in the mouth. It can also assist with downplaying blackouts. When you get a blow in your face or head, your jaw will be appropriately separated, so you need to be more ready and less inclined to knock out your teeth when getting knocked around.


Mouthguards come in an assortment of choices.

You have a couple of alternatives while choosing the correct protective gear for you or your kid’s mouth. The most economical will be the stock mouthguard; nonetheless, it also offers a minimal measure of security and can regularly be difficult to breath and speak through.

The mouth-shaped guard is the second level in the scope of mouthguards advertised. Having a dental specialist fit it will give you the best outcomes. While they will last more and provide more insurance than the stock guard, they will not be effective as the custom-made mouth guards.

The custom-made choice will cost the most, but will also provide the best assurance and convenience. Your dental specialist will be able to guide you through the process of looking for the best custom-made mouthguard for you or your kid.

Always remember to keep your mouthguard clean and never share it with your teammates. With the right storage and care, this significant piece of equipment will last for a very long time.


What to do when there are teeth knocked out?

Many cases of teeth knocked out happens every year to adult and children. If this also happens to you because of an injury or accident, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean it is lost for good. A correct emergency action can spare your tooth so that it can be put back successfully and last for years to come.

  1. Get the tooth by the crown, NOT the root.

Find the tooth quickly and do not leave it at the site of the accident. Hold the tooth cautiously when you get it, and never touch the base of the tooth.


  1. If the tooth is dirty, softly wash it with water.

Gently wash off any dirt by using only the water. Do not use a bar of soap or chemical and do not scrub or dry the tooth. Also, do not wrap the tooth using a cloth or tissue.


  1. Reposition the tooth in the socket immediately, if possible.

Immediately, try to put back the tooth into its hole. Mildly push it in with your fingers, by holding the crown, or position it over the socket and shut your mouth slowly. Put the tooth in place by mildly biting down on it or with your fingers.


  1. Keep the tooth moist constantly

He is wearing a mouthguard.The tooth must remain moist at all times, either in your mouth or put it in milk, before seeing your dentist. Avoid using regular tap water because the root surface cannot endure that for a longer time.


  1. See your dental care specialist within 30 minutes of the injury.

It is best to see the doctor within 30 minutes; nonetheless, it is also possible to spare a tooth regardless of whether it has been outside the mouth for an hour or more. Also, follow the advice of your dental care specialist to ensure your knocked-out tooth will not cause any infection.



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