May 10, 2021
Sports Mouthguard for Braces

Sports Mouthguard for Braces

Mouth guards are very crucial devices for athletes in all type of sports that involve physical contact. The devices are even more important for athletes or rather people with braces. For that reason, the sports dentistry services from this dentist in West Ryde includes providing sports mouth guards that were designed specifically for people with braces since they are more prone to serious injuries when the braces come into contact with the softer tissues of the mouth. Many athletes and parents find it hard to choose appropriate sports mouthguard for braces. Below are factors to consider.

·Custom fit

Most of these particular types of mouth guards are created with the idea that one size fits all’. For that reason you more likely to purchase one that has loose fitting. This is very wrong as it can affect the alignment of the teeth hence it’s always wise to go for custom fits which will fit in the exact shape and size of your teeth.


According to American Dental Association, all athletes should get guards that allow them to talk, drink and breathe freely. Check out for reliable dealers to find a device that fits your shape and alignment of teeth properly to avoid any kind of discomfort.

·Room for growth

sports mouthguard for braces

Braces are meant to help move the teeth to a perfect smile. The guard you choose therefore should not interfere with the braces function in keeping the teeth aligned. Find a device that fits you well and allows enough room for growth.


If you have a dental insurance then you might be lucky if your insurance plan can cater for the bill. Find warranted devices that you can afford to pay without a hassle.

How to take care of mouth guards for braces

·When not using the devices, you should keep them safely in their case.

·Every time after use, you should clean them with soft toothbrush to remove bacteria and fungi.

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