May 13, 2021
Sinus and Tooth Pain

Sinus and Tooth Pain

Although the natural reaction to a toothache is to assume that there is a problem with the tooth, sometimes the tooth is not the culprit. A very common side effect of sinusitis is a toothache. This article provides a general description of sinus infections and their effects on our teeth. You can also visit and read about tooth pain due to blocked sinus at

There are several causes of sinus infections, but the symptoms are basically the same. The thin lining of the sinuses is inflamed and inflamed, which narrows the corridors and prevents mucus from draining. The trapped fluid begins to generate pressure, and this accumulated pressure manifests itself in the pain.

The maxillary sinuses are the breasts that lie behind the cheekbones. They reach the top row of teeth. In fact, the floor of the maxillary sinuses is barely separated from the roots of the upper teeth. Then, if the maxillary sinuses become inflamed and the pressure increases, they can push down and apply pressure to the roots of the upper teeth.

If there is a blockage that prevents the sinus from draining, the contaminated mucus builds up in the sinus and tooth pain. The mucus accumulates and exerts pressure. That is the pressure that you feel in your cheeks. The trapped bacteria begin to multiply and the number of bacteria can easily increase to hundreds of thousands in a very short time.

sinus and tooth painOnce the treatment has begun, sinusitis is cured and there are no more toothaches. There are two possible treatments that the doctor can follow. It will get rid of the blocked sinuses in the area and also kill the bacteria that cause the infection. Together, these two approaches lead to successful treatment. The usual prescription medications are decongestants to eliminate constipation and antibiotics to kill the bacterial infection. At the beginning of the treatment, you will notice that the toothache disappears and finally stops.

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