May 13, 2021
Pus after wisdom teeth removal

Pus after wisdom teeth removal

Pus after wisdom teeth removal is related to incomplete healing and can be a sign of danger. The healing process after wisdom teeth removal is never automatic. For this reason, seeking dental care in Liverpool to properly do the procedure may be necessary as it requires the right skills and techniques to avoid complications which can result in producing pus.

Wisdom teeth removal aftercare

After the extraction of your wisdom teeth, your dentist will guide you on the possible related risks and how to care for the wound on the socket until you heal perfectly. Failing to take precautions from the dentist on how to care of the wound can be a disaster and you are likely to develop pus after wisdom teeth removal.

When you have pus after wisdom teeth removal, you should contact your dentist immediately and explain the matter. This may call for a fresh procedure or thorough cleaning to remove any possible cause of the pus from the socket.

pus after wisdom teeth removal

Possible cause of pus in the socket of the teeth

The pus can be as a result of poor hygiene or can be related to other causes that should be determined by the dentist after the examination. During wisdom teeth extraction, the dentists are always keen to make sure no single piece or teeth roots remain on the jaws since this can easily lead to the development of pus.

Other cause such as the bacterial infection that is found in the mouth can also contribute to the development of puse. You should practice timely and frequent cleaning of the wound after the extraction of the teeth using the recommended tools and medicine.

To keep your mouth safe from injuries, avoid using the side with the extracted teeth while eating in the first few days after the extraction. The food particle can either stick or harm the socket and cause injuries that may lead to the development of pus.

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