March 6, 2021
Prolonged numbness after dental work

Prolonged numbness after dental work

Most of the dental work procedures require one to be numbed before the procedure. These include; tooth filling, root canal, and even tooth extraction. Click this link and visit the site to know other dental procedures. The procedure can be very painful without numbing the region around the tooth. That is why the dentist must inject the patient with a certain anesthetic. This will help to numb the region. Hence, giving the dentist ample time to conduct the specific procedure. This numbness shouldn’t last for long. However, there’re special cases which have been reported to be prolonged numbness after dental work. That is, lasting even up to six months or so.

How to deal with prolonged numbness after dental work

There’re certain measures which when practiced can help you to do away with numbness. These include but aren’t limited to the following:

  1. Massaging the region surrounding the mouth. This can be best done by rubbing the fingers in a circular motion around the most affected region. This will help to relax the muscles and facilitate good blood circulation as well.
  2. Consult with the dentist the right time to get involved in different physical activities. When you’re active, blood will flow in the body properly. Hence, causing the anesthesia to break down. In the long run, the numbness will go away.
  3. Always have enough time to sleep. Spending long hours asleep will really help you to forget about the numbness effect. Therefore, it will help in passing time as you wait for the numbness to completely clear off.
  4. prolonged numbness after dental workIn extreme cases, you should consult with the dentist. The dentist normally recommends a reverse injection. This will help to clear the numbness effect very fast compared to waiting for them to clear away. However, this is a costly dental procedure but it’s worth it.

Prolonged numbness after dental work is not a very serious case. It’s common and can be handled. Therefore, you shouldn’t panic about it. However, it’s always good to consult with the right dentist before any dental work. This will help you to avoid future complications.

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