May 10, 2021
Orthodontic Services and Treatment for Dental Problems

Orthodontic Services and Treatment for Dental Problems

Oral care is something that many people take for granted. Many people do not know that it is not enough to brush and floss regularly, as oral diseases can start because of misaligned teeth and incorrect bites. What is the coverage of orthodontic services, and how would you know which type of service would be right for you? You can visit Beyond Infinity Dental’s clinic located in Castle Hill, NSW for more information and orthodontic treatment.


Orthodontics services

Dentistry is a very broad industry that covers the treatment of teeth, gums, jawbone, and nerves. Orthodontics is a more specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on the correction of overbites and underbites, tooth alignment and occlusion. Being a general dentist does not automatically make one an orthodontist as well, but there would be some dentists that are also orthodontists.

These are some of the conditions you would typically go to an orthodontist for:

Overbite. This refers to when the upper front teeth would be sticking out far too forward. This is sometimes called “buck teeth”.

Underbite. An underbite would have the lower set of teeth set much too forward, giving the person a sort of bulldog-like appearance.

Crossbite. This is when the upper teeth do not come over the lower teeth when the patient bites.

Open bite. A patient has an open bite when there would be spaces in between the biting surfaces of the front and back teeth when the patient bites normally.

The wrong spacing of teeth. This condition is observed when there would be spaces in between the teeth that should not be there. A wrong midline would refer to when the front teeth do not line up with the middle part of the mouth.

Crowded teeth. This happens when the teeth are much too big or wide for the jawline. Most of the time, the teeth would grow in a crooked manner because they are not all able to fit in a straight line on the jaw.

Misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth are usually a result of thumb sucking, weaning from bottle feeding too late and because of crowded teeth.


Orthodontic treatment

orthodontic servicesThe dental problems mentioned above would all be treated by an orthodontist. They can use various methods such as braces, aligners bumper, expanders and other means to correct bites and the alignment of teeth.

Orthodontists also focus on root canals and other treatments that would care for the health of teeth. They would work for hand in hand with dentists to make sure that optimum oral health would be reached.


In conclusion

Although not all dentists would be orthodontists, in most dental offices, there would be a dentist and orthodontist that would work together to fix the alignment of teeth and to promote oral health. If you are considering getting any orthodontic services, approach your dentist or orthodontist today. They will be able to recommend the best treatment method for your case. Brushing and flossing regularly would ensure that you have good oral health, preventing any further oral problems from developing.

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