April 21, 2021
What Are The Best Ways To Improve Your Smile Permanently?

What Are The Best Ways To Improve Your Smile Permanently?

One of the best assets that a person can have is a great smile. Studies show that a pleasant smile can uplift a person’s mood and set a great impression as well. It also indicates that the individual has good oral health. Luckily we can now improve our smile effectively because plenty of dental clinics with cosmetic dentistry are offering smile makeover services.


Importance of A Great Smile

Aside from the fact that a great smile can boost your confidence and attract people, it also poses many advantages that you will surely enjoy. Not only that it makes you look and feel beautiful, but it also gives you better aesthetics. It is important to keep your smile in good shape because of the following:

  1. It boosts your immune system. Did you know that your whole body relaxes when you smile? This makes your immune system healthier every time you flash a dashing smile.
  2. A great smile can significantly improve your mood. Try to smile even though you arpointing bright teethe not in the mood, you will notice a change in your temper right away after you do this.
  3. It’s contagious. Just like a virus, a great smile has the tendency to encourage other people to smile as well, resulting in a more positive surrounding and environment wherever you may be.
  4. Smile relieves stress. Smiling is a habit that’s healthy for you in general. Whenever you smile, your body releases endorphins which are helpful in relieving stress and pain.
  5. It uses fewer muscles. Compared to frowning, smiling is easier to do, plus it’s better for your health.
  6. Smile literally means happiness. That is why when you smile, people can always figure out that you are happy even without saying a word to them.
  7. Smiling indicates that you are sociable and confident. People who smile more often are usually promoted to a higher work position compared to those who are not very approachable to look at.
  8. It attracts new friends. A smile naturally shows that you are a friendly person which makes it easier for people to approach you without hesitation.
  9. It gives out a great first impression. The people you meet will eventually have a better impression of you because of your smile.


Ways to Improve Your Smile

It’s a good thing that we are now living in an era where our smiles can be improved in many different ways. Whether you choose to undergo a service under cosmetic dentistry (e.g. professional teeth whitening) or try some do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits, you will never run out of options to drastically make your smile more appealing.

Below are some of the best things to do if you wish to improve your smile:

  • Daily flossing. Dentists suggest flossing regularly to remove plaque and prevent tartar build-up. Dental floss is an important part of oral health care as it’s responsible for cleaning areas in your teeth that a toothbrush can’t reach.
  • Brush your teeth every day. It’s no secret that brushing the teeth is the most effective way to keep them strong and healthy. If the teeth are healthy, you will not need plenty of dental procedures.
  • Use a mouthwash. Mouthwashes are known to have components that can fight off bacteria and prevent tooth decay.
  • See your dentist every 6 months. It is also important to let your dentist check your oral health twice a year. This is a preventative method to ensure that you are not developing any dental issues.
  • If possible, give up smoking. Smoking has no contribution to make your smile better. As a matter of fact, it can only stain your teeth and give you bad breath.
  • Avoid foods that can stain your teeth. Coffee, wine, and bright-colored foods are the main causes of teeth stains. Over time, your white teeth will become less bright if you consume these foods most of the time.
  • Be cautious in choosing oral care products as well as whitening products. There are several teeth whitening products to choose from, however, it would still be better to consult your dentist before trying one.
  • Opt for a professional teeth whitening procedure. This is an effective cosmetic dentistry service that guarantees a brighter smile in just one appointment. Dentists use advanced dental equipment in removing teeth stains to reveal a whiter shade of teeth.
  • Always hydrate. If eating bright-colored foods cannot be avoided, wash away the stains by drinking water all the time. Besides, it’s the healthiest drink not only for your teeth but for your whole body as well.


Dental Services for A Great Smile

services of cosmetic dentistryWhile it may be true that home care plays a vital role in maintaining your great smile, several dental procedures are also available to improve your appearance. Below are some of the services related to cosmetic dentistry to make your smile brighter, as stated on sydneydentalgroup.com.au:

  • Teeth bonding. This is an effective procedure for people who has a chipped, broken, or worn down tooth. It can be a long-lasting solution given that it’s well cared for.
  • Veneers. Many people opt for veneers even though it’s quite expensive compared to other dental procedures. It can drastically improve your smile as it covers the imperfections of the teeth.
  • Dental crowns. Just like veneers, crowns are used to cover the tooth’s unpleasant appearance. It is usually advised for people with an oddly shaped tooth, permanent teeth stains, and a broken tooth.
  • Enamel shaping. This is commonly done to improve the shape of the teeth. Sometimes, it is also combined with bonding to achieve desired results.
  • Braces. In comparison to other dental solutions, braces can take quite a long time before you see the final results. However, it is an advisable solution especially for children with teeth problems.
  • Bridges. Dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth. The fake tooth can be made of materials like gold, alloys, or porcelain depending on your preference.

As you can see, there are many different ways to improve your smile. However, it would still be better if you consult your dentist regarding this beforehand.

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