May 13, 2021
The Enamel Hypoplasia Treatment

The Enamel Hypoplasia Treatment

This is a tip for all those fans of lemonade, soda water or energy drinks. These drinks may seem refreshing for the hot summer, but they do not leave a good impression on your teeth. These drinks are the main reason for enamel erosion, a dental health problem that can also pose other health problems. So they’re not good for your oral hygiene.

Enamel is the hard outer layer of the teeth that we can see or touch. The primary purpose of this layer is to protect the delicate layer of internal dentine from harmful bacteria. The enamel is transparent, so the color of the teeth we see is not due to the enamel hypoplasia treatment, but it is due to the sensitive inner part. When drinking gaseous water, lemonade or energy drinks, the enamel can erode. If this level is damaged or lost, it is very likely that it will also become infected with other problems. For example, cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and many other dental problems. This problem is often seen in young people because the use of all the beverages mentioned above is particularly common.

The Enamel HypoplasiaWhat causes enamel hypoplasia?

The most common cause of erosion is the use of acidic beverages, but it is not the only reason. There are other reasons too, including:

Dry mouth or low production of saliva.
-Excessive use of starch or sugar in the diet.
azide reflux disease

There are other reasons, but they are not so common. For example, drugs and genetics.

What are the environmental causes of enamel erosion?

Enamel erosion symptoms.

The symptoms may vary, but some common symptoms are:

-Sensitivity to sweets, cold or hot foods.
– Discoloration in yellow.
Cookies and chips
-Cupping on the surface of the teeth.

Can plaque cause erosion?

A single mistake in dental care invites so many problems at once. The answer to this question is yes.
This happens because sometimes the bacteria contained in the plate turn the food starches into acids.
-When this happens, the acids begin to eat the healthy minerals of the enamel. This makes the pebbles plate.
– As erosion increases, the holes become larger.

Protection method 1: Rinse with water.

-When you always remember that you brush your teeth shortly after the pain of the drinks does not relieve you. Instead, it will leave an opposite effect and distribute the acid around the surface of the tooth. For complete dental care, first rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. This will wash the acid in your teeth.

Brush your teeth after 2 hours. Before that, it will not help you.

– Chewing gum without sugar is also useful since it increases the production of saliva, which will help eliminate the acid.

Protection method 2: use a straw

– Drinking a straw while drinking acidic drinks also helps a lot. It will almost solve the whole problem because the acid will not touch your teeth.
– Also, avoid drinking drinks in your mouth.

Protection method 3: use fluoride

– Fluoride helps strengthen the enamel. It also helps a lot to restore the paint that has been lost due to erosion.
There are several ways to use fluoride for your teeth. For example, you can use toothpaste with fluoride, or you can also take a fluoride treatment.

Enamel erosion can become a dangerous situation that will damage your teeth and general health for a long time. To avoid enamel erosion, ensure proper oral hygiene and prevent the use of acidic beverages. And if you visit your dentist for regular checkups after six months, then it will be much better.

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