May 10, 2021
Eating with Dentures

Eating with Dentures

Dentures, sometimes known as false teeth, are human-made replacements for the missing teeth. Dentures are made from plastics and molded to fit perfectly in your teeth and can be taken out and put back whenever you desire. If you’re considering to have them, an experienced dentist in NSW Liverpool should be able to help you out. Although at first, one can always feel uncomfortable and awkward wearing these teeth.

However, with some weeks, you will get used to them. Adjusting to new dentures takes some time. It makes the facial muscles plus nerves a little bit longer to adapt to the new sensation. This also affects your normal way of eating and chewing. Therefore, the following are some of the tips and hints that will help make eating with dentures less difficult.

•Start with eating liquid or soft foods such as chopped boiled eggs, puddings, applesauce, broth, and soup. Also, you can consider blending fruits and taking them in liquid form.

•Always be cautious of hot or cold foods. Due to the new sensitivity changes, taking too hot foods may burn your mouth. Likewise, too much cold water will also cause discomfort. Preferably, take warm foods.

•Bite foods with care. Avoid as much as possible biting foods using your front part of your mouth. This can make the dentures to become unstable. If you have to bite, use your canines. eating with dentures

•Chew foods evenly. In most cases, people often chew food using one side of their mouth than the other. However, with the denture, chewing with one side can make the prosthetic to sip out of place. Hence you need to chew slowly and with both sides.

•Always remove food particles from your dentures by brushing them using a soft-bristled brush after every meal. This can help to prevent stain and general hygiene.

•Chop your foods into smaller pieces to help you learn to chew using the new denture. This makes your job easy as you will need to exert little pressure on your gums.

With these tips and little patience, you will tram yourself much faster and soon enough start to eat normally. Just take every step nice and slowly after then, eating with dentures will work for you.

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