May 10, 2021
Dental Implants Procedure Steps

Dental Implants Procedure Steps

A dental implant may seem to be a very complicated step, but after you have read this article, you will be able to know all dental implants procedure steps that you should expect your doctor to follow. This will help who wish to learn more about the dental implant and also protect the patients from being treated by quacks.

Dental implant is considered as cosmetic surgery. In undergoing cosmetic surgery, surgeons follow procedures. Each surgery is done with a different procedure. Just like dental implants have a different procedure from body contouring procedures. Doing the exact step for a certain surgery is very important for its safety and its success.

Dental implants procedure steps

  1. Consultation

Dental Implants ProcedureAt this particular stage, it will be a humble time for the patient and the doctor to interact so that the doctor can identify whether you really need a dental implant or not. They use x-rays and other essential materials that can help them fully examine your teeth. After they are sure that a dental implant is good for you, then plans on dental implant process will be made.


  1. Preparation of site and placement of the dental implant

This procedure may seem very painful, but you cannot bypass it. Your doctor will use a drill to ensure that a good room for the implant placement is attained in your jaw bone. The osteotomy will be increased to the appropriate size of the implant. After this procedure, you will expect a tiny titanium-device to be placed in the space created. When this is fully secure in your jaw bone, stitching all around the gum tissue will be done so that you can heal. In the meanwhile, you will be given a temporary tooth to wear as the healing process continue.

  1. Osseointegration

You will need approximately one week for the occurrence of Osseointegration. This is the point when the implant and the bone combine together as they form a single-solid unit. With this solid unit, the implant can effectively sustain the new artificial tooth that is to be implanted.


  1. Impression

For the dental implant to be fully secured in your gum, it will need about 6 to 12 weeks of the healing process. When this is done, you will now be fully ready to have your new tooth to match your original dental formula. At this time the impression will be done on the new stable and healed implant. This information will be used by a laboratory technician to get you your new tooth for around two to three weeks depending on the medical facility you have attended.

  1. Restoration

All seems to have been done; this is the point where your broken tooth is now being restored. You will obtain the tooth that was crafted, and it’s installed on the implant. You are also advised how to take good care of your tooth in case anything fishy occurs.

You will just have to walk away smiling for that’s the only procedure remaining.

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