May 10, 2021
Handling Your Dental High Speed Handpiece with Care

Handling Your Dental High Speed Handpiece with Care

A dental high speed handpiece is a very important equipment of a dentist. Based on statistics, 100% of dental professionals have their own piece of this equipment. That’s because majority of dental procedures rely on it. The treatment procedure will take a lot of time to be finished. It’s important to own a high quality handpiece. Critical Dental in Australia has a wide range of dental handpiece packages and you can take a look at those if you want some samples.

Regardless, the efficacy and durability of the dental high speed handpiece would be useless if the user does not know how to properly handle the equipment with utmost care. Take note that it’s crucial for this device to be 100% functional. Improper handling can trigger failure to function. That’s why every time you clean your handpiece or lubricate it, always make sure that afterward, the effectiveness is still at 100%.

Too Much Pressure

A high speed handpiece is a delicate device. One wrong move in handling it can bring catastrophic results to your procedures. Therefore, it’s important to carefully read and follow the instructions indicated on the manual, especially when it comes to air pressure.

Take note that the device’s performance does not rely on higher air pressure. Always pay special attention to the specifications given by the manufacturer. Doing this can avoid damage to the device.

When in Doubt, Don’t Fix It By Yourself

A common error committed by dental professionals is the usage of pliers when they see something wrong on their handpiece. If you’re confident you can fix the damage, make sure that the tools you’re using are approved by the manufacturer. Otherwise, it’s best to send it back and get it repaired by a professional. Pliers may seem to be the solution, but you have no idea on the damage it can cause to your handpiece. Who knows, it may even void the warranty.

dental high speed handpiece

Clean Your Handpiece with the Right Materials

Before lubrication and sterilization, use warm water to wipe your handpiece. You can also accompany it with mild detergent. It’s strongly discouraged to use strong chemicals as these may have unwanted interactions during the sterilization process. Avoid submerging the device in any forms of liquid, unless there’s the approval of the manufacturer.

Remove the Bur When Cleaning Your Handpiece

Don’t forget to remove the bur before you clean your handpiece. Doing so will promote thorough cleaning and lubrication to the internal parts of the device.

Keep it Clean All the Time

To avoid any clogging on your bearing, always remember to remove excess oil before using it. This can be done attaching the handpiece to the delivery unit tubing. Next, run the handpiece for like 20 to 30 seconds. You can also use air flushing after being lubricated.

Don’t Ignore the Chuck

The chuck is another part that should be handled with the same amount of care as with the handpiece. It’s highly recommended to apply chuck care to any kind of handpieces once a week.

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