May 10, 2021
What Are The 6 Common Dental Crown Problems? (With Solutions)

What Are The 6 Common Dental Crown Problems? (With Solutions)

As you are getting that final results for your dental implants, you might remember this tiny crown-like dental appliance on your teeth. A dental crown is important for the last touches of your teeth restoration process. Furthermore, these dental crowns should get proper maintenance and care as they are delicate. According to the MyDentist West Ryde clinic, a dental crown problem needs a check-up from the dentist to see if there are any further complications. Since attaching these dental crowns are the final step in restorative teeth treatment, it is quite alarming to see any problems arising. Ask your dentist right away for the best solution for a chipped or loose crown.

What Is A Dental Crown For?

People suffering from broken teeth due to tooth decay or tooth loss may need their smiles back again. It is understandable that a person who lost a few of their teeth may feel embarrassed. With the restorative treatment from dental implants, it is possible to get that smile back again. You may see dental crowns on people that have dental implants attached to their teeth. In some cases, dental crown users have normal but broken teeth that need dental crowns for support. This dental appliance looks like a natural tooth that needs cementing on the dental implant screw to hold it in place. When this issue happens, it’s due to many reasons that are either the person’s fault or the rest of the teeth not adjusting.

6 Dental Crown Problems And How To Fix Them

If you’re wondering why there are even dental crown problems existing, it’s due to various reasons. These are inevitable issues that are solvable as long as you go to your local dentist immediately. In reality, we can’t keep ourselves away from dental problems. The best thing to do is to prepare for them by helping yourselves know about dental crown problems even more.


During the first few days or even hours after your dental implant procedure, you may find your tooth aching during the recovery. Swelling is one of the obvious side-effects due to dental trauma. Seek help if you see that the swelling doesn’t go away after more than 48 hours or 3 days.

Bite Problems

A person may feel discomfort especially biting hard candies, fruits, or meat. A person may need to visit his or her dentist again to see if the dental crown problem needs resizing. In some cases, these bite problems may get bigger and result in inflammation and infection. Hence, go to your dentist right away if you see any symptoms similar to this when eating or biting.

Nerve Sensitivity

A prominent dental crown concern is with the nerve found in the gums. Whenever a dentist attaches a dental crown or implant, there might be trauma from the soft pulp of the nerves. Those who had fractured or decayed teeth undergo the dental crowning procedure. It is important for a dentist to see the possibilities of cosmetic surgery like root canal and attach a new dental crown for replacement.

Loose Crown

After a few months or years, your dental crown becomes loose. This is normally due to sticky foods, plaque build-up or tooth not adjusting to the crown anymore. You may have to set up a schedule for a dentist visit to fix this again.

Chipped Crown

Dental Crown Problems With Restorative Dentistry

Accidents like bumping or eating on hard food may get your dental crowns chipped. It is risky to still wear chipped crowns as it may promote infection. Dentists can either repair it again or require you to wear a new one.

Allergic Reaction To Dental Implants

Another common problem is the allergic reaction of the gums to the dental implants. There might be gums that aren’t adjusting to the metallic character of a dental implant. However, these are rare issues.

To Avoid Dental Issues

With all that’s been said, it is advisable that, you as a patient, should know how to maintain your teeth properly. It starts from that daily brushing routine or cutting down caffeine. Your daily dentist visit also helps build stronger, better teeth and gums.

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