May 10, 2021
Crowding of Teeth

Crowding of Teeth

Teeth crowding and teeth spacing are two major problems associated with a lack of or excess spacing between teeth. Crowding teeth is thus simply having zero space or the lack of space between teeth or within the jaws. You must have come across people with fully stuffed jaws.


Identification of crowded is simple to identify. It is the physical displacement of teeth that everyone can see and judge.

  • crowding teethRotated Teeth  

Crowding teeth makes the teeth plan disoriented or rotated. This normally happens where there are excess teeth on the same line. Due to lack of space between the teeth, some teeth rotate as they look for space from outside the teeth line.

  • Displaced Teeth  

Crowding teeth has another aspect of appearing outside the normal teeth line. This way, some teeth grow on the jaw and thus run away from the normal teeth line. This is a common manifestation of crowding teeth.


  • Early or Delayed Loss of Primary Teeth  

Failure to lose the primary teeth early may lead to crowding of teeth. Early loss may also lead to the same.

  • Improper Eruption of Teeth 

At some time, people have improper teeth eruption. This leads to teeth crowding and eruption from outside the teeth curve.

  • Genetic Imbalance  

There’s a situation which normally leads to an imbalance between the size of the jaw and the teeth or a single tooth. This way, the tooth protrudes from the wrong direction or congests the curve.


  • Improper Cleaning 

There’s a failure to clean the teeth correctly and completely. With crowding teeth, you’ll have problems reaching all the surfaces of the teeth.

  • Decaying

There’s increased chance of teeth decay as a result of inadequate cleaning when you have crowding teeth.

  • Gum Disease 

As a result of inadequate cleaning, the chances of getting gum diseases.


Crowding teeth can be corrected through extraction or expansion of arches. Thereafter, braces can be used to align the teeth.

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