May 10, 2021
Can wisdom teeth cause bad breath?

Can wisdom teeth cause bad breath?

Most people are quick to blame the food they eat any time they experience bad breath in the mouth. Among the many causes of bad breath that people experience, did you know wisdom teeth cause bad breath too? Dr Tse, an experienced dentist explains that the root cause of the bad breath can be beyond your food and must be addressed in details.

How to handle bad breath caused by wisdom teeth

Perfect brushing and general dental hygiene can easily help you achieve the goal of attaining the right breath always. When you have tried both brushing and other home-based ways of dental hygiene and there isn’t change in breath, you can schedule a visit to your dentist. Dental check is important because it can help handle some untreated dental condition which can be the possible causes of the bad breath. impacted wisdom teeth might cause bad breath

It’s not strange to hear people talk of their wisdom teeth development later when they are old after all the other teeth have fully developed. Following the fact that they are always the last to appear in the dental structure and their hidden location, they can easily be invaded by bacteria. During their development, bacteria can easily develop around the gums surrounding the wisdom teeth and may cause bad breath. When the wisdom teeth are totally infected, extraction can be the best way to handle them and eliminate bad breath. When left unattended, they can extend to spread the infection to the gums, jaw, bones and spread the decay to other teeth. Other cases may arise where the wisdom teeth are misaligned making them very difficult to clean through the normal process. This will make it a great deposit for food particles and bacteria development to cause bad breath.

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