May 10, 2021
An understanding about tooth pain years after root canal

An understanding about tooth pain years after root canal

Is it normal pain after a root canal?

The process is usually painless. But is there tooth pain years after a root canal? The truth is that inflammation usually occurs after the process. The patient may experience pain, especially in the jaw and while talking and chewing. It’s also common to feel tooth sensitivity for a few days. But the pain after a root canal usually goes away with common painkillers. You can click this link if you’re looking for a dental clinic in Chatswood for dental treatment like a root canal.

Therefore, after the intervention, the recovery process is very important. A good bone restoration process is necessary.

Getting a root canal means removing the nerve, so patients should not experience more pain. But for this, it’s important to be treated by experienced professionals, as it’s a complex intervention. If the specialist doesn’t clean the inside of the tooth correctly, in addition to pain, infections can develop.


What if a root canal hurts after a year or several years?

In no case can pain manifest in a root canal after a year or several years later. If you feel pain in an endodontic tooth so long afterward you may need to get it checked to rule out new issues in that tooth, like infections or a fissure. These are often the most frequent problems that a rooted tooth may show. With an x-ray scan, we can easily know what’s exactly happening in that specific tooth.


Root canals hurt due to poor cleaning

If during the process of elimination and cleaning of the nerve ducts, all the affected tissues are not eliminated correctly and completely, it could later cause an infection and inflammation is a possible cause of pain in a tooth after a root canal.

When this happens, it’s usually due to the shape of the nerve ducts, it was not possible to completely clean them and, above all, to completely reach the bottom of it leaving some traces maybe.


Root canals hurt when poorly filled

Another possible cause of tooth pain years after root canals could be related to a problem in the process of sealing and filling the nerve ducts. Due to the same anatomical difficulties, it’s possible that the sealing and filling did hasn’t been adequate, leaving space that can be used by bacteria creating infections that cause pain.


How to solve tooth pain years after a root canal?

tooth pain years after root canalOne of the possible alternatives is to apply a re-root canal although it’s not always possible.

On other occasions, the cause of pain in a tooth with root canals could be due to the fact that there has been a fissure in the dental part of the endodontic tooth and since the dental tissue is no longer irrigated, it has a greater propensity to weaken and end up breaking. In this case, the most appropriate solution will have to be evaluated.



Although it’s true that a tooth treated with root canals lack nerves, because these were removed together along with the rest of the pulp tissue during treatment, it’s possible that if the endodontics or root canal was not performed properly, patients may experience pain in the tooth even years after the procedure.

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