Is It Worth Getting Your Teeth Whitened At The Dentist

Is It Worth Getting Your Teeth Whitened At The Dentist?

Why are white teeth almost everyone’s desire nowadays? You may find it common to see over the counter (OTC) products that promote whiter teeth such as toothpaste, teeth whitening strips, DIY laser teeth whitening kit, and more. Sandstone Point located near Bribie Island says that a patient may find dental clinics a better option for whiter, healthier teeth. Yet, there Read the rest

integrated aesthetic dentistry

Integrated aesthetic dentistry

There may be a lot of confusion when people hear integrated aesthetic dentistry. The term is being thrown around not only by dentists and other dental specialists but also by patients who have had ‘integrative cosmetic dentistry’ procedures. Is this just a play on words to make cosmetic dentistry sound more appealing? What does this phrase mean?



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dental health

Dental Cosmetic Surgery Prices

Since corrective medical procedure wound up accessible in dental workplaces, numerous individuals considered it to be a method for broken teeth. The landing of new items in laser medical procedure and dental care has enabled individuals to change their terrible grin with the assistance of various methodology, including the restorative medical procedure of white, kitchenware facade, dental fillings, root waterways, … Read the rest