pouty lips

How Botox Lip Injections Changed Our Life?

Botox lip injections have become popular all across the world in the past years. In fact, according to some researches, the rate of botox lip injection procedures has increased by 50% since the year 2000. This type of facial enhancement is very popular among women aging from 20-29 years old.

Due to the rising influence of social media on the … Read the rest

medical marketing agency

Great Marketing Ideas from a Successful Medical Marketing Agency

Creating medical marketing ideas and continuously upgrading them is very important, especially when you just started your medical career. You need to prove to the community that you have a great practice and you have a commitment to save lives. That’s why in terms of marketing, it’s highly recommended these days that you should hire a medical marketing agency to … Read the rest

Autoclave Steam Sterilizer vs Dry Heat Sterilizers Know The Difference

Autoclave Steam Sterilizer vs. Dry Heat Sterilizers: Know The Difference

If you work in a laboratory or medical facility and want to keep your working space clean, you may have heard of the term autoclave. The history of autoclave use dates back in 1879 by Charles Chamberland, a French microbiologist that used a different kind of method for cleaning medical tools. Sterilization became a trend for many scientists, dental practitioners, … Read the rest

medical office supplies

Essential Medical Office Supplies

If you are a practitioner aiming to open your private office, you should check cost-efficient ways to buy your medical office supplies. This will greatly help you budget. Most suppliers have great customer service and will give you alternative options if you become a consistent customer for them. Planning on these things ahead of putting up your own office … Read the rest

botox around mouth

Can you use Botox around mouth safely?

If you are a fan of cosmetic surgery or any cosmetic procedure that promises to improve one’s appearance easily and safely, you may be familiar with some less invasive procedures that use Botox. Injecting Botulinum toxin in different parts of the face, forehead, and neck is used to hide fine lines and wrinkles to become fresher and younger-looking. For safe … Read the rest

periodontal disease and pregnancy

Periodontal disease and pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, her body experiences some of the most adverse hormonal changes in her life. These physiological and hormonal dynamics often could have an impact on their dental health. One of the risks a woman is exposed to is an upturn in a periodontal pathogen, a bacterium that causes periodontitis. 

With Periodontitis, both the mother and the … Read the rest

journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial Surgery – Scopes and Possibilities

Face, mouth, teeth, jaw and other maxillofacial disorders can be traumatizing. There are several corrective measures and treatments for these conditions including oral and maxillofacial surgery. These surgeries can be performed on patients of all ages who face a variety of facial discomforts.

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Dental Accidents

Dental Accidents Happen: Be Prepared

There are several areas where a little bit on knowledge about the steps to take in an emergency can potentially save your life. One area in particular where an understanding of an emergency is especially helpful is in the case of dental accidents. The knowledge of how to assess the situation appropriately and take specific steps can not only save … Read the rest