She uses a mouthguard for protection.

Safety Measures to Avoid Teeth Knocked Out

Protecting your mouth, especially during participation in any sport, is an important responsibility. In that case, it can help you to prevent injuries and to get your teeth knocked out. Since it is expected to get hurt in any sport, having a protective gear like mouthguard will be one of the essential parts of your uniform. Let this article help … Read the rest

Is It Worth Getting Your Teeth Whitened At The Dentist

Is It Worth Getting Your Teeth Whitened At The Dentist?

Why are white teeth almost everyone’s desire nowadays? You may find it common to see over the counter (OTC) products that promote whiter teeth such as toothpaste, teeth whitening strips, DIY laser teeth whitening kit, and more. Sandstone Point located near Bribie Island says that a patient may find dental clinics a better option for whiter, healthier teeth. Yet, there Read the rest

Pediatric Dentistry And Orthodontics 4 Functions

What Is The Role Of Pediatric Dentistry And Orthodontics? (4 Functions)

A child’s teeth require the ultimate care from their parents. Infants are prone to gum diseases and cavities that can continue being a problem as an adult. Orthodontic specialists can offer services such as braces, mouthguards, dentures, and retainers. Orthodontic treatments described at shows how adults may also have braces even at a late age. Yet, children need to Read the rest

7 Reasons Why A Tooth Hurts After Filling

7 Reasons Why A Tooth Hurts After Filling (Root Canal Procedure)

Probably you’re home after a doctor’s appointment after your root canal. Then, you are wondering why your tooth hurts after filling. Frankly, it’s quite reasonable to have tooth sensitivity right away. If you remember your doctor saying to stay away from extreme food temperatures, you should do so. It would be best if you’re also preparing for your recovery. You Read the rest

What Are The 6 Common Dental Crown Problems With Solutions

What Are The 6 Common Dental Crown Problems? (With Solutions)

As you are getting that final results for your dental implants, you might remember this tiny crown-like dental appliance on your teeth. A dental crown is important for the last touches of your teeth restoration process. Furthermore, these dental crowns should get proper maintenance and care as they are delicate. According to the MyDentist West Ryde clinic, a dental … Read the rest

dental high speed handpiece

Handling Your Dental High Speed Handpiece with Care

A dental high speed handpiece is a very important equipment of a dentist. Based on statistics, 100% of dental professionals have their own piece of this equipment. That’s because majority of dental procedures rely on it. The treatment procedure will take a lot of time to be finished. It’s important to own a high quality handpiece. Critical Dental in Australia Read the rest

kids dental center

The benefits of visiting a kids dental center

The practice of good oral hygiene should start from the moment the first teeth of a child burst through their gums. A kids dental center would be the answer to making sure your child’s teeth and gums stay healthy until adulthood. Near this medical centre in Chatswood there are various health clinics for families.

Introducing good oral care to kids

Read the rest
woman dentist

Why Do Patients Prefer A Woman Dentist?

Women continue to create breakthroughs throughout the last century of technological and medical advancements. Although there are still challenges in choosing their careers, women have time and time again proved how efficient they are in any skill. Not to mention, but the medical industry was previously dominated by men. Most women have found their niche in the dental industry as … Read the rest

tooth pain months after filling

Reasons why do you have Tooth Pain Months after Filling

You may have experienced tooth pain that affects your everyday activities and mood, so you opted to visit your dentist and get your teeth filled. However, months after your dental procedure, you suddenly felt the same pain and discomfort you did before! What happened? Does it mean that the procedure was not done properly? Continue reading the article and know … Read the rest